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Lela Rose is always one of Fashion Week’s more chic , optimistic shows, and the designer herself arrived backstage with her adorable daughter and puppy in tow, poised and ready for her Spring 2013 debut — even in the midst of the backstage madness. We had a chance to chat with the designer about her collection before it hit the runway:StyleCaster: Who is the Lela Rose woman?Lela Rose: Our woman is very sophisticated. She knows clothes, she knows fabrics, she knows quality. She wants to look great and she wants to wear interesting colors and textures and look beautiful!What was the inspiration behind the collection?The collection is based on one of my favorite artists, Jim Hodges. He is an artist who has always taken his love of nature and used that as the foundation. It’s all about the passage of time and the duality between lightness and mass, so you’ll see some kind of decaying elements in the collection because that’s really what his work is about. It’s very interesting, he uses a lot of flower imagery and spider webs, so you’ll see chain in the collection which I think is an unusual thing for us to be doing, but we’ve done it really beautifully.I know it’s a hard choice, but what’s one piece that stands out to you as favorite in the collection?I love this all-over border dress, it’s based on one of Jim Hodges’s ink drawings that he does on paper napkins high quality hermes replica uk , so when we sent that off to India, we kept on having to send it back and forth and say ‘no, it doesn’t look like a ballpoint pen.’ It’s all inspired by ballpoint pen ink drawings, it came out beautifully.We happen to agree! Take a look at some of the best looks from the collection in our slideshow above.Jilly Miscioscia is one of StyleCaster’s special correspondents for New York Fashion Week. When she’s not blogging for us, you’ll find her over on Sorelle in Style. Read all about her adventures throughout the week right here!


lela rose

New York Fashion Week

NYFW 2012


Spring 2013

Lela Rose on Her Spring Inspiration, Favorite New Look

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