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Vicente PousoA woman who flies from Dallas to Manhattan solely to attend a makeup artist’s department store appearance either is crazy or believes he has something unique to teach her. But for Napoleon Perdis, the cosmetics expert artist in question, such a pilgrimage isn’t surprising. While not opposed to a little nip-tuck, Perdis regularly shows clients ways that powders and creams can fake the effects of surgery—without the expense, recovery time high quality replica designer prada bags , or chance of a permanently lopsided mouth or wonky eye. A native of Sydney , Australia, Perdis, whose 450-item namesake line is sold at Sephora, at Saks, and on Home Shopping Network, derived his technique from the tricks used to take years off movie stars’ complexions in the ’40s and ’50s. “But old-Hollywood makeup was spackled on, not what today’s women want to wear,” he says. “I modified those application methods and created lightweight product formulations. Now the results look natural, not heavy and contoured.” – Continue Reading BelowSo go on, take a stab:FACENOSELIPSEYESCourtesy of Napoleon Perdis and Steven KrauseFACE Selecting a foundation with skin-tightening ingredients is a no-brainer, but it’s only part of the equation. 1. Fake the effects of liposuction along the jawline with matte bronzer. (If your skin is dark, try a shadow two shades deeper instead.) Starting under the chin, dust powder back along the bone on each side until you reach the earlobe. Then blend down the neck so there’s no demarcation. “Concentrate the color a little more under the chin, as that’s often where the most loose skin is,” Perdis says. 2. Pull up cheeks with universally flattering pink or peach blush, working it from the front of the apples, across the cheekbone, and back to the ear. To give skin a youthful glow, dust some of the same blush up and across your nose, as you would with bronzer. – Continue Reading Below3. Perdis adds luminizer from cheekbone to temple as a final pick-me-up. Chin Up (From left) Sisley Phyto-Teint Perfect compact foundation in Golden helps shape the jaw; Shiseido The Makeup Lifting FoundationCourtesy of Napoleon Perdis and Steven KrauseNOSE Rhinoplasty is the second most popular form of plastic surgery in the U.S., after breast augmentation. 1. To abbreviate a long nose, Perdis dabs matte stick foundation one to two shades deeper than a client’s complexion on her tip. 2. To slim a wide nose, Perdis contours with any taupe powder. “The shade works on 90 percent of people,” he says. “It’s a wonderful color.” Beginning at the inner brow corners, work the shadow along each side of the nose, blending the color up toward the bridge and down near the cheek. “Mottle the powder with your finger so that some of your skin shows through,” Perdis says. “This will prevent it from looking stripy.” – Continue Reading Below – Continue Reading Below3. Dotting a luminizer one or two shades lighter than skin down the bridge of a crooked nose can straighten it out. Slim Shady (From left) Prescriptives Colorscope Eye Color in Venus, Napoleon Perdis Light Patrol Luminizer PaletteCourtesy of Napoleon Perdis and Steven KrauseLIPS The needle-phobic can still emulate the lush pout of Ms. Jolie 1. For a bee-stung effect, Perdis smoothes a cream concealer one shade lighter than the skin around the entire mouth. “The highlight has the effect of bringing out the lips even more, so they appear larger,” he says. “Your skin tone becomes the tool giving lips fullness.” 2. Concealing and highlighting above the upper lip are usually enough to minimize the appearance of vertical lines. For wrinkles on the lips themselves, Perdis pulls out the Chantecaille Contour Fill pencil: “Apply it before you start on the rest of your mouth so that it has time to set.” – Continue Reading Below3. It seems like a recipe for disaster, but Perdis assures that navy eye pencil (yes, navy) flatters lips. “Feather the pencil just on the outer corners to give a hint of color and a nice, sharp lip edge, which makes the middle part look puffier,” he says. Although conventional wisdom holds that lighter colors belong on small lips, “this liner technique beautifies lips of any size,” Perdis says. “The shadow effect of the dark pencil doesn’t shrink the border; it enlarges the interior.” Follow with your usual shade of lip pencil and be sure to blend both into your lipstick. (ELLE testers tried it and couldn’t believe how well it worked.) Bigger is Better (From below) Sephora Eyes Pencil in 084; Chantecaille Contour Fill PencilCourtesy of Napoleon Perdis and Steven KrauseEYES Whether the problem is drooping lids or undereye bags, fix it with a brush. 1. Undereye concealer should be one shade darker than your complexion, no matter what your skin tone, in order to hide puffiness (which a lighter color emphasizes). However, flawless eyes often require more than one camouflager. (For this reason, Perdis created the three-shade Pro Palette concealer.) To cover undereye shadows without undoing your bag-banishing work, “apply a light shade below the swollen area,” Perdis says, “but above the orbital bone.” 2. Mauve concealer or cream shadow smoothed on the lid from lash line to crease works on nearly every skin tone to “disguise any veiny purpleness,” Perdis says. “And it does a better job at accentuating the eye’s vertical lift than a neutral tone.” 3. Shade the crease with a warm color, like rose. Then “dot reflective shadow three shades lighter than skin under the arch of the brow,” he says. “This adds height.” 4. When lining the upper lid, Perdis tells clients to keep their eye closed, so that the line ends on an upward motion at the outer corner, thus maintaining the illusion of lift. Open For Business (From left) For a bright accent, Perdis traces the inner rims of lower lashes with a white liner, such as Estée Lauder Artist’s Eye Pencil in White Writer; the mauve cream in Napoleon Perdis Correct and Conceal Pro Palette

The Makeup Face-Lift

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