The participation of ZTBL Women’s Cricket Team in various

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canada goose outlet miami On this occasion, the President of ZTBL, Mr Syed Talat Mahmood said, “Most of the players of Pakistan’s National Women Cricket Team are representing ZTBL like Sana Mir, Bismah Maroof, Javeria Khan, Nahida Khan, Nain Abidi, Nida Dar, Diana Baig, Aiman Anwar Canada Goose Outlet, Nashra Sandhu being some prominent names among others. The participation of ZTBL Women’s Cricket Team in various national level championships has made a significant impact and canada goose black friday sale helped us in the promotion of our bank as well.” Mr Talat has played a pivotal role in promoting sports and hunting for young talented individuals in the field of sports. Further elaborating to this scribe about the progress of the team canada goose uk black friday he added, “It is a unique record that ZTBL Women’s Cricket Team has maintained a winning streak since 2009. canada goose outlet miami

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