Despite all the evidence Trump claimed a record

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moncler sale Get daily updates directly to your inbox+ SubscribeSee our privacy noticeThank you for moncler factory outlet subscribing!We should have known from the campaign he ran, but somehow, few people were prepared for the type of President of the USA Donald Trump has turned out to be.In normal politics any one of the moncler sale outlet offensive mimicking of a disabled journalist, remarks about the treatment of women which led some to speak out, or the racist tones of his war on Muslims or Hispanics, would have been enough to torpedo his candidacy.But Trump doesn’t do politics in fact this was his ticket.Donald Trump heads for “magical place” Turnberry as police mount huge security operation for US PresidentHe’s not interested in who he offends, as long as his core vote remains solid.Tomorrow Trump will face protests as he arrives at Glasgow Prestwick on another visit to his mother’s homeland.Mary Anne MacLeod, born in Tong, Lewis in 1912, emigrated to America in 1930, and lived the American dream.She never lived to see her son become president.She passed away in 2000, aged 88.Trump’s campaign blew away Republican hopefuls from all shades of the party and then blew away Democrat Hillary Clinton, who he said was “crooked” and “would be in jail” if he won.(Image: Collect Unknown)His anti politics and what some see as standing up to political correctness struck a chord in the American rustbelt and the religious mid west.Many of them, conservative and middle aged or older, were sick of politicians, sick of Obama, sick of moncler outlet jackets “liberals”, sick of gun control lobbyists, sick of immigration, sick of foreigners and foreign governments, sick of minorities and sick of Washington.From “We’re gonna drain the swamp” to “We’ll build a big beautiful wall” to December 2015’s “Donald J.His “America First” inauguration speech sent a dark shadow across the western world.This was the language of totalitarian nationalism of the 1920s and 30s.His promise to re create the American steel industry from the rustbelt which is undeliverable has triggered protectionist trade wars between America and even its staunchest allies. This again is a damaging return to the 1930s, failing economies and millions on the dole.Then there was the row over whose inauguration got the biggest crowd.Despite all the evidence Trump claimed a record, even though Obama’s inauguration clearly had more people there.Most normal people would have said “So what?”.But not Trump.Revealing himself to be a brat like individual unable to take criticism, he soldiered on. Anyone moncler outlet sale who disagreed was simply peddling “fake news”.Even after he won the election he continued to obsess about Hillary Clinton and the FBI’s failure to prosecute her for using an insecure private email account.. moncler sale

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